5 Tips To Clean Your Window Blinds

Window blinds – they’re an invaluable addition to any home. You get the benefits of shade, privacy, and a sleek interior appearance! But they seem to attract dust like nothing else. And with such a massive surface area, that can make for a hard day’s cleaning. That’s sometimes made even worse by the results – some window blinds are hard to get clean. Or, at least, they were. With these tips for cleaning window blinds, you will soon be spending barely any time cleaning your window blinds. And the results will leave you speechless!

First, take a look at what your window blinds are made from – this helps you clean them properly

Before we get into the nitty gritty of cleaning your window blinds, let’s take a look at the starting point. To clean your window blinds properly, you need to know what they’re made of. Different window blinds are made from different materials. Common materials include timber, fabric, and aluminium. Each of these requires a unique approach for the best results. And, of course, to avoid damage in the cleaning process. So have a look a your window blinds, and keep in mind what you see.

Got timber window blinds? Use a furniture polish and soft cloth

Now that the first step is out of the way, we can have a look at what that means for you. If you have timber blinds, cleaning will be pretty straightforward. Timber blinds are usually treated a certain way. That means you can clean them with the help of a soft cloth and some furniture polish. We prefer the furniture polish that comes as a spray. This variety is easy to apply, and the right brands are very effective. All you need to do is apply the polish and wipe it off each individual slat with your cloth. You’ll be surprised at the results!

There are few options for cleaning aluminium window blinds, but the most through is a good soak

Aluminium blinds take a different approach entirely. Sometimes, if they’re left for long enough, aluminium window blinds can develop a sort of greasy grimy layer. You can attack this for hours with a sponge, but getting through to the shininess underneath takes more than that alone. But luckily, the process is a little more passive. All you need to do is take your aluminium blinds down and give them a soak in a soapy bathtub. By the end of it, they’ll be as good as new!

Vertical fabric window blinds are easy to clean – just use a clothing lint roller!

Of course, soaking is something that should be reserved only for the aluminium blinds – and maybe you afterwards. Fabric vertical window blinds require another approach entirely. And it’s just as easy! Simply get a lint roller – the kind you normally use for clothes – and use it on the fabric window blinds. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, you can clean most window blinds well enough with a dust brush vacuum attachment

We’ve covered some useful tips so far, but you probably wouldn’t need to do them every week. So what can you do to clean your window blinds as a part of your weekly cleaning ritual? There are a few things you can do, but as you might have guessed by now, we always go for the simplest. And the simplest tip we have is using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. With that, all you need to do is take a five minute break from vacuuming the floors, to vacuum the blinds. You won’t need to be too thorough either. If the suction of the vacuum isn’t enough to bust the dust, you’ll probably need one of our earlier tips before too long anyway.

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