6 Tips To Help Choosing Curtain Colours For Your Home

6 Expert Tips to Help Choosing Curtain Colours for your Home Are you looking for a way to spice up your living room? Perhaps something that’s easy to install and relatively inexpensive is the way to go. Sounds ideal, sure, but is there such a thing? Of course, there is – curtains! Curtains are a great way to inject colour and vibrancy into your home. But that’s easier said than done; after all, there are so many different options and colours to choose from. i iphone 6 case So how do you make the right choice? Well, we know it can be agonising but it’s not as hard as it seems. Simply follow our tips below to help you choose the best curtain colours for your home.

#1 Colour coordination

If you had to rely on one piece of advice alone, this would be it! A lot of interior designers recommend that you coordinate your curtain colours with your furniture and furnishings. animal phone case iphone 6 And we agree. custodia samsung note 2 n7100 360 case for iphone 8 Not only does a coordinated living room look the part, but it also makes choosing curtain colours a lot easier. custodia a5 samsung 2017 portafoglio iphone 7 case vans So have a look around your home and try to isolate a main recurring colour. Then head on down to the curtains store and try to match it

#2 Choosing matching patterns

So we’ve covered the basic rule of choosing curtain colours. However, there’s often a little more to it than that. custodia waterproof samsung j3 Of course, colour coordination is a sure-fire success story. But that doesn’t mean you can deviate a little bit and go for something with edgier! And what better way to do so than with powerful graphics or patterns! Curtains come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, so there’s no shortage of choice. iphone silicone case 8 plus

#3 Stuck choosing curtain colours? Try to get a colour that compliments the material

So you’ve limited your colour choice to a spectrum. Now you’ve only got 3 or 4 colours to choose from. But choosing curtain colours is hard and 3 or 4 still seems like too much! What do you do? Easy – look to the curtains for guidance. Curtains come in different materials and it’s important to choose a material that you like. So have a look and isolate your favourite material. By doing this, you can really narrow your options and sometimes even break a stalemate!

#4 Muted colours and minimalistic interiors? A designer statement and more exciting than you think!

We’ve all seen the latest trends in minimalistic interior design. And sure, it’s not exactly for everyone. But there are still elements of it that you can adopt in any setting! Our favourite is muted colours. iphone 7 case ring These create a sort of subdued and gentle ambience that can really go well in bedrooms or spare rooms. samsung galaxy s7 edge custodia So check it out!

#5 Choosing curtain colours with a bright edge: How can you pull it off?

What if the whole reason for your new curtains is to inject colour and vibrancy into your living space? Muted or coordinated colours just aren’t going to cut it for you. Instead, go big! Look at bright colours and loud designs – choose one with a retro vibe to match your retro interior. Remember, curtains don’t have to be permanent!

#6 Remember – choosing curtain colours will be different for blackout, light filter and sheer curtains

We understand that everyone buys curtains for different reasons – that’s part of what makes choosing curtain colours so hard! And one of those reasons is privacy. You want to obscure your living space from the view of the outside world – that’s a perfectly understandable approach! But it does mean that you will probably end up going for a blackout or light filter curtains. custodia full body samsung galaxy tab e sm t560 The colours available for the different varieties do vary, so choose your curtain type, and then look at the colour! It will make the whole process a lot easier.

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