A Guide To Choosing Home Fencing

A Guide To Choosing Home Fencing

Home fencing is a subtle, but very important addition to a lot of houses. When you think of fencing, you probably think of security. iphone 6 red silicone case After all, that is one of the main uses for home fencing. But home fencing can actually give you so much more than security alone. custodia samsung s9 plas wooden iphone case 7 Home fencing can reduce noise pollution, increase privacy and even contribute to your home’s design appeal. What’s not to love?

However, with so many home fencing options available, your choice won’t always be an easy one. So we have pulled together some of our resources and developed a quick overview of home fencing. Hopefully, this will be enough to make your choice of home fencing a little easier.

Home fencing and balustrades: what’s the difference?

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the two main types of home fencing: fences and balustrades. iphone 6 s case carbon fibre You may have heard some people refer to fences, and others to balustrades. iphone 8 case bear So what’s the difference? Put simply, balustrades have a handrail along the top, where fences do not. custodia cellulare samsung s9 So you’re more likely to see balustrades used on balconies and stairways, while home fencing is often restricted to outdoor use. As a general rule, you should look for balustrades if you’re installing a handrail in an area with a potential falling hazard. Home fencing, on the other hand, is best when used as a boundary.

Aluminium home fencing: what are the advantages?

If you’ve already commenced your search for home fencing, you’ve probably seen quite a few different options. Of these, you may have noticed that aluminium features pretty heavily on the home fencing market. So why is that? Well, aluminium has a lot of the properties that we look for in home fencing. It is strong, durable and lightweight, among other things. It’s strength means we can use it for security fencing and its weight makes it easy to use and transport. custodia libro samsung j1 2016 Then you have its durability, which is such that it does not rust and will last for a very long time – even when exposed to the elements all day every day!

Glass home fencing: a great design option

Glass home fencing is a little more niche than aluminium home fencing, but it is starting to really take off! Glass is suitable for home fencing and balustrades; you’ve probably seen it on balconies, or lining pool areas. It might not offer the best privacy, but it has a very impressive appearance. With modern home designs becoming more prevalent, glass home fencing is really gaining a foothold in the home fencing market. So if looks are your number one priority with your home fencing, glass might just be the right choice for you.

Home fencing is great for security and privacy, so keep that in mind when choosing home fencing

We’ve mentioned things like security and privacy a few times in this guide. custodia x cover 3 samsung So how do they affect your decision? Well, some home fencing materials offer a higher standard of security and privacy than others. But a lot of the time, it’s a bit of a trade off. custodia carica batterie cellulare samsung j7 For example, glass home fencing offers very little privacy because it’s completely transparent. custodia caricabatterie samsung j5 However on the flip side, it looks fantastic. Timber home fencing offers unrivalled privacy, but it can be a little lacking in terms of security. You just have to work out what your priority is, then make your decision accordingly. anti gravity case iphone 6 Asking the experts is always a good place to start!

Home fencing is legally required in some parts of your home, so keep that in mind too

Finally, it’s very important to remember that we have strict building codes in Australia. As a part of that, home fencing is mandated in certain areas around the house. For example, pool areas must be fenced in line with strict conditions. And any drop of more than 1m in your home should be safeguarded with a balustrade.

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