Blinds for Bay Windows – Make The Most of Your Best Feature

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Window furnishings can make or break the appeal of your home, read this, so you don’t waste money on window coverings. Bay windows add depth and charm to your home so don’t waste the opportunity to make the most of your best feature. There are several options for blinds for bay windows however just because you can make some fit doesn’t mean you should. Here is how you can utilise your windows assets.

Blind options for bay windows

If windows are considered the eyes of your home, blinds are its sunglasses. Don’t make the mistake of dressing them in a shape, shade or style that doesn’t suit or enhance your home’s appearance. Consider the following for each style of blind:

Pleated shades – These occupy very little space at the top of the window as a result of the accordion folds. Offering more definition and texture than roller shades without outdated slats, pleated shades are not only beautiful, they also provide light and privacy control. These are a great durable option for the budget conscience family.

Venetian blinds – A low maintenance option that only requires the occasional wipe or dusting. This window treatment is classic, elegant and allows precise control of light and privacy. Venetian blinds are an affordable option for homes and offices.

Roman blinds – These shades come in an extended variety of styles and material, which opens up consumer options. They look attractive when completely open as the folds of the blind fold under the next, which results in a neat and tidy stack at the top of the window. Roman blinds are great for privacy and light blockage however doesn’t offer users the defined control of privacy and light as venetian blinds.

Timber composite shutters – This is simplicity at its best. It provides your bay windows with crisp, clean lines that complement décor both inside and out. These are low maintenance and as they require no cords, they are safe for kids. With easy control of both light and privacy, shutters are an appealing option.

Dressing windows to improve the practicality and appearance for the occupants is important, however don’t forget to take into consideration what they will look like from the exterior as well. If children will be around the blinds or shades, please take their safety into consideration and get a free safety kit to prevent injury.

There are blinds for bay windows to suit every requirement, shape, desire and budget. Consider what you want to achieve from your window furnishing before placing your order.

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