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Before you invest in new window furnishings, read this! It could save you serious money!

So you’ve decided to go modern. Before you start ordering paint, floor coverings, wall art and all those other expensive must-haves, check out Roman blinds . Aim for chic in any room or office by simply investing in hot window furnishings. Before you go and spend thousands on freshening up your home or office, consider using Roman blinds to help achieve a modern feel.

What makes Roman blinds appealing?

When there are so many window coverings available to choose from; curtains, shutters, blinds and other furnishings, it is often difficult to know what makes one better than another. Here is why you should consider Roman blinds as the jumping off point for your modern design project:

• Style
Style is the number factor when deciding on new blinds. Roman blinds offer a chic modern design that is simple and effective.

• Versatility
The great thing about window coverings, blinds in particular, is that they can give your room and/or office a contemporary feel or a modern and sleek appearance. You can add warmth to a room or make it feel crisp. This is easily achieved through the wide selection of fabrics available.

• Variety
No matter what style you want, there is a Roman blind option to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to restyle your bedrooms or theatre room, bathrooms or commercial offices; there is an assortment of room darkening, translucent and sunscreen fabrics for you to choose from.

• Make it a feature
Roman blinds are so versatile and adaptable – fabrics, prints and colour; you can make your window covering a feature in the room by using a bold or bright print. Instead of painting or using wall paper this is an easy alternative that offers big impact for minimal cost. If you prefer to keep it simple and keep your window covering subtle; choose a plain, light neutral shade that will blend in with the wall paint.

Giving your home or office a modern design can be expensive however if you take these points into consideration you could be saving yourself not only money but also time. Please ensure that with any window coverings such as curtains or blinds with cords, that they are installed correctly to prevent potential hazards.

To find out why Roman blinds are extensively used in homes throughout Australia, visit NETA Home and Commercial online or give them a call on 07 4152 6977.

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