Choosing Window Blinds: What To Look Out For

Choosing Window Blinds Window blinds really are the unsung heroes of many living spaces. They improve comfort, design appeal, and even energy consumption. But, with so many on offer, how do you even begin to make a choice? Well, if you stick to a few basic principles, your decision will be easier than you think. To help get your decision-making process underway, we have listed a few things to look out for when choosing window blinds. Hopefully, this will act as a good starting point and help you enjoy all the benefits window blinds have to offer!

Neutral window blinds are normally ideal for getting the block out effect – here’s why

Let’s start with privacy: chances are, your window blinds will serve the purpose of keeping your living room private. And that means you will probably want window blinds or curtains with a block out effect. So how do you decide between the two? For us, that’s easy! Window blinds are almost always preferable to curtains, because they’re far less imposing, and they’re less likely to overpower the décor of your living space. Heavy block out drapes or curtains can quite easily overshadow your living space and leave it feeling a little stuffy. But window blinds offer less imposing neutral shades, with more streamlined designs. This means you get the same standard of privacy, but with a low-impact and sleek effect.

Choose window blinds that are easy to clean – it’ll save you a lot of time in future

As any homeowner will know, the cleaning never ends. As soon as you finish cleaning one side of the house, it’s back to cleaning the other again. Or at least, that’s how it seems. That’s why you should choose window blinds that are easy to clean. We recommend aluminium models for the simple reason that you can take some of them down and soak them in a bathtub. This is a set-and-forget approach to cleaning and it has exceptional results. It will also keep the time you spend cleaning to a minimum.

Window blinds can really add to your home décor – if you choose the right colour!

As with any measure of home improvement, colour is everything. In fact, we would go so far as to say that home décor and colour rely on each other almost completely. So if you have to spend a lot of time deciding on one thing, we would recommend colour! But how do you choose the right one? Our advice: focus on balance. If you focus on balancing the colours that are already in your home with the colours of your window blinds, you can create some stunning results.

Lighter colours are better for window blinds that are east or west facing

Direct sunlight fades just about anything. It can fade carpets, artworks, and even furniture. That’s why lighter colours are better for east or west facing window blinds. If you buy high quality blinds, fading won’t be a big issue. But you still have to remember that your blinds are bearing the full brunt of that morning or afternoon sun. By choosing lighter window blinds, you can reduce the obviousness of any fading that does occur.

Coordinate your window blinds wherever possible – it will drastically improve your interior décor

Our last piece of advice is coordinate! Coordinating your window blinds throughout the house brings a nice element of consistency to your décor. It has the effect of tying everything together, and gives your interior a nice subtle element of sleek coordination. It also prevents your window blinds from overshadowing other elements of your interior layout.

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