Feeling the Heat This Summer? You Need Outdoor Blinds

Feeling the Heat This Summer? You Need Outdoor Blinds Nothing compares to a Queensland summer and each year Queenslanders experience the heat like nowhere else. Each year you probably find yourself running the air conditioner non-stop to find some relief from the high temperatures. custodia tablet 2 samsung Don’t worry – you are not alone. But what if there was a solution that consumed less energy than air conditioning? With outdoor blinds, there is. Homeowners often overlook outdoor blinds as a means of reducing the heat in your home. What many people don’t realise, however, is that outdoor blinds can actually have a huge effect. iphone 8 plus case marble initial In fact, outdoor blinds are known to reduce the temperature inside your home by between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius. That is a huge improvement and it has many advantages for your and your back pocket. slim iphone 6 plus case

What are outdoor blinds?

To understand how outdoor blinds have such a remarkable impact on the temperature of your home, you must look at how they work. custodia per samsung s5 neo Good quality outdoor blinds are constructed with a space-weaved material. This material is quite unique and it effectively reduces glare during the day, without compromising your view. To account for the harsh outdoor environment, quality outdoor blinds are made with an interlocking construction. When coupled with the space-weaved material, this deflects up to 69% of the sun’s rays. To get some idea of your options when it comes to outdoor blinds, contact a specialist for more information.

How will outdoor blinds help you?

Now that you know how they work, it’s time to look at how outdoor blinds can help you. custodia galaxy j5 2017 Outdoor blinds are a versatile solution to many problems that homeowners face. From energy consumption, to overall comfort and liveability, outdoor blinds are a cost effective solution to the everyday issues that summer brings.

Reduce your energy consumption for a smaller energy bill

If you are like most Queensland homeowners, then your electricity bill probably spikes significantly during summer. The constantly running ceiling fans and hard working air conditioners really take their toll on your energy consumption. custodia subacquea samsung a5 The fact is, your air conditioner is in constant conflict with the harsh sun during summer. iphone 6 spigen case blue This means that it has to work far harder than normal just to maintain a comfortable temperature. To work harder, it has to consume more power and that will cost you when the next energy bill arrives. Fortunately, outdoor blinds can help. By deflecting a majority of the sun’s rays, outdoor blinds can really take the strain off your air conditioner. In fact, you might even find that you need your air conditioner less with outdoor blinds. This will save you money in the long term.

Improve the comfort and liveability of your home

Because of the unique composition of outdoor blinds, they can eliminate much of the harsh sunlight that affects your home. custodia j3 2017 samsung portafoglio With as much as 69% of the sun’s rays deflected, your home’s internal temperature can drop by as much as 15 degrees Celsius. iphone 7 kylie jenner phone case This means that you won’t get home to a hotbox after work, and your air conditioner or ceiling fans will be able to lower the temperature further, with ease. lumee phone case iphone 8 As a result, your home will be more comfortable and liveable than ever.

Improve the privacy of your living spaces

Privacy is another great benefit of outdoor blinds. The shade they offer will also obstruct the view of your neighbours or anyone passing by. custodia per galaxy a3 With much advancement in the composition of outdoor blinds, you will be able to get privacy and comfort, without compromising on looks. Quality outdoor blinds are available in all manner of designs, which gives you the confidence of knowing that your home will still look great.

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