Modern Living Room Blinds: Best Type Of Blinds For Living Rooms

Modern Living Room Blinds

Blinds serve a whole range of purposes. From privacy to comfort, they have effectively established themselves as an indispensable feature of most homes. However, they’re not always associated with modern interior design. In fact, we’ve seen plenty of examples that do the exact opposite!

That’s why we thought we would put together a list of sleek, stylish, and modern blinds, that will match even the sharpest interior décor schemes. Better still, each will offer the same practical benefits as all blinds – it’s a win-win!

For creative living room blind ideas, take a look at Roman blinds – here’s what they offer

A lot of modern living rooms go for an understated elegance, which can be hard to achieve sometimes. We’ve found that the best blinds to go with elegant modern interiors are Roman blinds. Roman blinds consist of fabric panels that are drawn up and down by a string. Because of their construction, Roman blinds come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and fabrics.

For example, you can go for a low-impact, but elegant white or cream to match your carpets or walls. Alternatively, you can create a statement piece, with brighter fabrics, or even patterns. That is one of the primary advantages offered by Roman blinds.

Chasing some privacy that suits your modern décor? Deck your living room out with vertical blinds

Sometimes, all you want from your living room blinds is some privacy. If your living room has a clear view of the neighbour’s place, privacy is likely to be high on your agenda. Luckily, there’s a perfect modern living room solution: vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are among the lowest profile blind options. They slide into the corner and are almost unnoticeable when you need them to be.

But when the time comes for some privacy, they will keep out all external views of your living room. But what about light? Natural light is the cornerstone of modern living rooms. And fortunately, vertical blinds barely inhibit natural light at all. That means you get privacy and natural light at once.

Plantation shutters: the traditional Queensland living room blinds, with a modern edge

Sometimes, a modern interior requires a nod to the past. Adding some traditional accents to your modern living room is a great way to ground it. And in terms of modern accents, plantation shutters are a fantastic option. They are far from ostentatious, which is important in modern design. But they offer an interesting and very subtle contrast. They also offer natural light, breezes, and privacy. With plantation shutters, you can capitalise on those delightful afternoon breezes, which adds to your home’s liveability.

Looking for modern, but not too modern? Exposed timber blinds offer a great living room vibe

Some modern interiors prefer a sort of urban rustic décor. That means exposed materials are a great addition. We have found that timber blinds are great in that sense. They go exceedingly well with exposed brick walls and create an unusual but enticing mix of homely, and urban.

Finally, don’t overlook the trusty Venetian blinds – here’s how you can jazz them up for a modern room

Finally, let’s not forget about the classic: Venetian blinds. Over the years, Venetian blinds have proven themselves to be among the most reliable and versatile blind solutions. They also come in a range of configurations. For example, you can enjoy some of the understated elegance we’ve mentioned, with plain white Venetian blinds. Or you can enjoy some of the edgier natural finishes of exposed timber Venetians. The choice is yours, and the range is wide!

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