Types of Awnings 101—What Kind Do You Need?

NETA Home & Commercial Protect your property from the elements by investing in exterior awnings. custodia per samsung galaxy j3 2017 If you’re wondering what type of awnings will stop the sun’s rays firing through your windows, here’s the lowdown. tropical iphone 7 phone cases

Folding arm awnings

Do you need an extendable covering to shade your large outdoor space? The type of awning most suitable would be the LUXAFLEX® Contemporary Series Folding Awning. Reaching a maximum width of close to 13 metres, rest assured your otherwise exposed area will be fully covered. custodia samsung j5 2017 colorate With added corrosion resistance, it won’t matter if your beachside property is subjected to sea spray. Folding arm awnings by LUXAFLEX are designed to look modern yet serve as a practical outdoor shade for a large space, too.

Sunrain® Awning

The only type of awning that will keep your property protected from the rain and the sun is the LUXAFLEX Sunrain® Awning. iphone 8 plus case and screen protector Withstanding Queensland’s weighty rain storms, the LUXAFLEX Sunrain® Awning encourages rainwater to run down its dual pitch designed PVC canopy. custodia samsung a5 2016 brillantini You won’t need to worry when the heavens open; the LUXAFLEX Sunrain® Awning is supported by an additional middle reinforcement, giving extra stability when fully extended. custodia per tablet samsung a 10 1 The LUXAFLEX Sunrain® Awning is suited to outside living spaces such as patios, terraces or pool sides.

Evo awnings

Outdoor blinds can also be considered a type of awning. Choose the Evo Awning if you seek privacy for your property or wish to reduce the glare. Evo Awnings are made with SolShade fabric. The sun’s glare will reflect back to the outside and will therefore keep your home cool on the inside. iphone 6 case pop holder Win-win for energy saving.

Fabric Straight Drop Awnings

The LUXAFLEX® Fabric Straight Drop Awnings encapsulate an outdoor living space for your family to enjoy. custodia samsung j3 2017 silicone Fabric Straight Drop Awnings make for an ideal type of awning for your rear verandah. Such awnings are fitted in a way that shades your outdoor space yet does not restrict views.

System 2000

Consider the System 2000 if you seek a type of awning with great colour choices. The System 2000 Straight Drop Awning is best suited to the bottom floor of your property. System 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings on the other hand, are better for higher windows and can be manoeuvred up or down from the inside of your home.

Fixed Aluminium Awnings

LUXAFLEX® Fixed Metal Awnings are installed as permanent features to your property. rose gold case for iphone 7 plus Aluminium awnings not only reflect the sun, but also heat, offering all-year-round shelter and protection for your home. This type of awning is a popular choice for entranceways and patios. custodia antiscivolo samsung j3 iphone 7 plus phone cases black glitter

Aluminium Louvre Awnings

Think of Aluminium Louvre Awnings as metal blinds fixed to the outside of your windows. Manually adjust light coming into your property with louvre aluminium blinds, which can be opened or closed with easy mechanics. When it comes to awnings , talk to the experts in all things shade.

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