5 Gorgeous Types of Roman Blinds

Types of Roman Blinds
Roman blinds have long been a design staple. And when you see them done well, it’s not hard to see why. Roman blinds offer more depth than conventional blinds, with the same practical drawcards. But there’s a trick to getting Roman blinds right. With so many different types on offer, it can be hard to pick the perfect Roman blinds for your home. Don’t worry though – we’re here to help! With our experience in Roman blinds, and these gorgeous types, your living room will enter an entirely new dimension.

The classic striped white: one of our favourite types of Roman blinds

White alone can be hard to pull off. Among other things, it is quite hard to keep white types of Roman blinds sparkly and clean. All you need to do is open the window and dust seems to gather before your eyes. So why not take the attention of the white shades with an understated and elegant strip. Our favourite types of striped Roman blinds are those with a narrow blue strip running vertically down either edge of the blinds. Coupled with another blue accent in your room, you can use that stripe to subtly adduce a décor theme. The results are always stunning.

Pastels: the European style Roman shades that invigorate any home’s interior

Pastels are fun; they’re a way of injecting colour into your rooms without overpowering. And what better vessel for pastel colours than Roman blinds? Roman blinds come in all manner of materials, including linen. Who wouldn’t love pastel linen? Our favourite approach to take with pastel Roman blinds is to couple them with a similarly pastel linen set of bedsheets. With those two working together, your bedroom will be bright on the gloomiest of days!

Warm grey is the modern type of Roman blind that we are seeing more and more in urban homes

Warm grey is perhaps the most subtle, yet powerful shade available to urban interior design. It invites an undeniable sense of elegance, but without the remotest hint of pretence. That’s exactly why we are seeing it done so well in urban homes. The look of warm grey Roman blinds is as diverse a look as any. It seems to throw light when the sun catches it, but in the sort of way that flies well below the radar. It can go from moody to bright in the blink of an eye, too. What’s not to love about grey Roman blinds?

Sheer is here and it’s one of our favourite types of Roman blinds for larger windows

Feature windows are the sort of windows you almost feel bad for covering. But direct sunlight and privacy really make Roman blinds a necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your beautiful natural light. With one of the many sheer types of Roman blinds, you can enjoy natural light without expending privacy, or comfort. Believe it or not, sheer Roman blinds can even save you money. If you have ample natural light to do all you need to do, then you’ll rely less and less on artificial light. That means there’ll be less money spent on power bills. By the same token, if you’re taking the heat out of the morning sun, you might be able to cut down on your use of air conditioners and ceiling fans too!

Invite some colour into your home with colourful types of Roman blinds – here’s how to pull it off

Finally, here’s the main drawcard of Roman blinds: you can raise them so only a third is showing. That means you can get away with choosing especially colourful types of Roman blinds. Colours that might otherwise seem overpowering, will seem like little more than a bright accent in your room, once the blinds are raised.

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