What are The Advantages of Aluminium Fencing in Queensland?

NETA Home and Commercial Given its purpose, fencing will stand for years on end, often in direct sunlight and subject to the prevailing weather conditions. These conditions can be particularly harsh in Queensland and the tropical and subtropical climate throughout the state means that harsh sunlight, strong winds, heavy rain and even hail all have the potential to damage your fence. As a result, it is strongly advisable that you seek the highest quality in fencing and this guide attempts to answer the question – what are the advantages of aluminium fencing in Queensland.


One of the most distinguishing features of aluminium is its durability. iphone 7 plus silicone case grey The abovementioned variety of Queensland’s climate means that a fence of any other material is likely to have only a fraction of the longevity that aluminium offers and there are several reasons for this. Outlined below, are the more pertinent of these reasons.

  • Corrosion resistance

The properties of aluminium are such that it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The molecular configuration ensures that even when wet or neglected, aluminium will not rust – its resistance is so substantial that it is often used in marine environments. This makes it perfect for application as outdoor fencing and balustrades. iphone 7 phone cases res Being outdoors, fencing will inevitably get wet and it is simply impractical for a fence to demand significant and frequent maintenance. red carbon fibre iphone 7 case Where steel is likely to rust and wood is likely to rot, an aluminium fence will remain intact, as well as both structurally and aesthetically sound.

  • Strength

Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium is an extremely strong material – considerably stronger than some of its counterparts and the advantages of this are multifarious. Foremost however, is the considerable utility of the strength of aluminium fences to the safety of your home. Fences and balustrades are often installed as a safeguard against falling from balconies, stairways, embankments and a variety of other drops. In fact, it is a statutory requirement under the relevant building codes, that a balustrade or barrier is installed where a drop of one meter or more exists. custodia samsung s2 tablet 9 7 tucano iphone 8 battery case apple Should you choose a fence of lesser quality than an aluminium one, there is the distinct possibility that it will be unable to support the weight of a person should they fall onto it. This could have a devastating effect – particularly if the fence or balustrade gives way and allows the person to fall. samsung galaxy a9 pro custodia iphone 8 case designer brand


As well as being a strong, durably material, aluminium is also a very smooth and streamlined product. This makes it ideal for powder coating – arguably the most effective way in which to apply paint – and other such applications of paint. shark iphone 8 case Powder coating in particular, creates an appealing, clean finish and offers considerable protection to the aluminium beneath. Both aluminium and steel can be powder coated, however given the propensity of steel to rust it is unlikely to be of the same success. custodia cover samsung j5 Under extreme circumstances, steel can rust beneath the layers of paint and cause it to flake in a very unsightly manner. This is far less of an issue with aluminium due to its superior ability to withstand all weather conditions and resist rust and corrosion. This is another distinct advantage of aluminium fencing – particularly given the harsh Queensland environment.

Where have aluminium fences been utilised to greatest effect?

Aluminium fencing can be installed on any property, however there are some areas in which they are installed more commonly in standard Queensland homes. custodia samsung j5 2017 fantasia Arguably the most prominent use for aluminium fencing – or balustrades as it might also be referred – is to surround a pool. It is a legal requirement that a pool is fenced and there are a number of very obvious safety reasons for this. Queensland is notorious for its hot summer and this means that pools are relatively commonplace. This is the perfect application for aluminium fencing as it will not only stand up to the harsh conditions and chlorinated water that will inevitable splash it, but also look great. This is not the only application for aluminium fencing however; the options are endless. custodia samsung per note 3 blu iphone 6 case suprerme It is advisable that you contact a reputable fencing company, like NETA Home & Commercial and enquire as to their range of aluminium fencing products – there will invariably be one that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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