What To Look For In Security Doors

A modern security door

Security doors are vital in homes for a whole range of reasons. They do everything from keeping us safe, to contributing to the design appeal of our homes. But, when it comes to home improvement choices, the choice of security door is one of the tougher ones. Because it is such a functional installation, there are lots of factors that require consideration. So when it comes time for you to choose, here’s what to look for in security doors, according to the experts!

Strength: the first thing to look for in security doors is what they are made from

Let’s start with the most important and obvious factor in security fittings: strength. To truly secure your home, your security door will need to withstand pretty high levels of impact. And that’s not all; ideally, your security door will also withstand jemmying, cutting, and pulling. These are all different types of force, and they all affect security doors differently. To withstand them all, your door needs to be strong. That’s why steel, iron, and aluminium are the ideal candidates for security doors. Choosing between the three, though, can be a little challenging. Generally, we recommend steel as it’s the strongest. But aluminium has great advantages in terms of durability. Iron is strong, but also susceptible to rust. Generally, it’s used in decorative security installations.

Components: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so are security doors!

Like a chain, your security door is only as strong as its weakest link. So how can you determine what that is when you’re making your decision? Look at things like welds, rivets, bolts, screws and hinges. If you have a heavy steel door, but weak hinges and inadequate screws, then your door will be lacking in strength. Sure, it will still have a deterrent effect. But you deserve sturdy security, not just deterrence alone. In terms of what to look for in this aspect of security doors, we recommend going for models with solid welds, strong hinges, and security screws.

Appearance: what sort of look do you want for the security door in your house?

Appearance is an important factor for almost all home improvement projects. And, although they serve and important practical purpose, security doors should look good too. Luckily, you’re the best judge of that! You know what aesthetic your home has achieved, and you know what you want to contribute to that. So don’t settle for an unsightly security door – there are plenty of attractive options available.

Locks: your security door needs to have a sturdy and secure lock

Like welds, hinges and screws, your lock is another thing that should be sturdy. It should also be as resistant to tampering as possible. That’s where an expert opinion is valuable, as locks are complex and there are many different varieties. Seek out a home improvements and security specialist and ask about the features of a prospective lock. They should be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each for you, so you can make an informed decision.

Screens versus bars: what to look for in terms of security door designs

Finally, let’s talk screens versus bars. This is generally a matter of personal preference. We often find that new homeowners prefer screens, while the owners of older homes prefer bars. This is simply due to the distinct styles of new and old houses. But, that’s just a very broad overview. The fact is, you can make either style work in any home. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right designs. Both offer pretty similar security too, so you can focus on choosing one that suits your preferences.

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