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Window Blinds Bundaberg

Enjoy Comfort and privacy in Bundaberg, with excellence Luxaflex® indoor and outdoor blinds.

Meticulously finished, professionally installed, designed to offer you ultimate levels of living comfort, light control, privacy and style for your home or business.

Luxaflex® has a massive selection of indoor and outdoor blinds in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Gladstone. Luxaflex® Beyond Woods collection uses resourcefully designed polymer for humid environments, perfect for any kitchen, laundry or bathroom environments that may cause warping or buckling. A Stylish look and feel is a big part of what makes your house a home, with the appearance and texture of natural lacquered wood, Luxaflex® Country Woods® Blinds are available in an assortment of designs and timber lacquer finishes.

Our Outdoor blinds come with a spaced weave material, which gives several rewards such as reducing glare, reduced energy spending and privacy during the day, and with the addition of a security door, you can keep your lovely view while keeping prying eyes out. NETA Home and Commercial's outdoor blinds are constructed with interlocking SolShade® material and can deflect as much as 69% of heat from the Bundaberg sun, lowing heat inside your house by 5-15°C reducing energy spending and keeping you cool. Luxaflex® Newstyle® Polyresin Shutters are perfect for outside spaces. They will not distort, shrivel, mark, crust, or lose colour and will never need painting, which makes them a great match with all our awnings

Our roller blinds guards your living fixtures from the harsh Australian weather, while still have the advantage of allowing you to almost seamlessly hide your sun protection and enjoy the view when you want. Here At NETA Home & Commercial we are expert at blending genuine craftsmanship with the precision of up to date equipment, to build the answer to your living, exterior or working environments.

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